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Glockenklang Heart-Rock Bass Amp 2008

Glockenklang Heart Rock Head Bass Amplifier in very good condition and sounds great. Some light wear from normal use, excellent operating condition.

It provides a warm, accurate and very dynamic and powerful bass-sound. Glockenklang improved the preamp of the Soul head and equipped it with additional switches for Insert and Poweramp In. One highlight is the new developed mosfet-poweramp with 1000 watts and an extra strong power supply unit, which gives the amp an incredible dimension in dynamic and power. Increased gain levels provide smooth overdrive, if desired.

Glockenklang did a technical modification and can release the Heart-Rock Head for a minimum impedance of 2,7 ohms now. That means, it can handle three 8 ohms cabs or one 4 ohms and one 8 ohms cab with 2,7 ohms and in this case, the output-power is 1000 real watts! Technical Data: Output power: 1000 watts @ 2,7 ohms (3×8 ohms), 750 watts @ 4 ohms, 400 watts @ 8 ohms Technology: Solid state opamp stages in the preamp, mosfet poweramp with extra strong power supply unit Inputs: 2x 1/4″ jacks for instruments, 1/4″ jack for Poweramp In, on switchable Controls: Trim-pot for Input B, Gain, Master Volume, DI Level, Effect Level for Loop Equalizer: Bass, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid, Treble, on switchable Effects loops: 1x serial mono, on switchable; 1x parallel adjustable on front, on switchable Outputs: Balanced DI XLR switchable pre/post EQ, adjustable; Line Out 1/4″ jack, Tuner Out 1/4″ jack, 2xSpeakon Speaker Out Other features: Ground-Lift-switch, footswitch-1/4″ jacks for Loop and Tune Dimensions: 483 x 132 x 330 mm, 19″ x 5.2″ x 13″

Weight: ca. 18,6 kg; 41 lbs.

S.D. Curlee Standard 1 Bass 1980 USA

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: 3 piece Maple/Walnut
  • Scale: 32″
  • Hardware: Badass II, Grover
  • Electronics: Passive 1x DiMarzio split coil
  • Color: Natural
  • Weight: 4,2 kg
  • All original Plays well, no issues. Thick and percussive sound.

Fender Precision Bass 1979

  • Body: Lightweight Ash
  • Neck: One piece Maple, Walnut skunk. B-type
  • Scale: 34″
  • Hardware: Fender, 1979
  • Electronics: Passieve Fender 1976
  • Color: Natural (original)
  • Weight: 3,9Kg
  • Absolute player

Fender Precision Bass 1971

  • Body: Alder (1971)
  • Neck: 1971 Full Maple Neck
  • Scale: 34″
  • Hardware: Fender 1971
  • Electronics: Passive, Fender 1971 PU with new CTS pots
  • Color: Aged Olympic white, refin with medium relic
  • Weight: 4,1 kg
  • Not an all original collectors item, but a first class player, great overall balance and nice round tone.

S.D. Curlee Standard 2 bass 1979 USA

  • Body: mahogany
  • Neck: 3 piece Maple
  • Scale: 32″
  • Hardware: SD Curlee brass/ Grover
  • Electronics: Passive, 2x DiMarzio Split Coil
  • Color: Natural
  • Weight: 3,9 KG
  • All original (only 2 new CTS pots and the output jack), with original case, great player, low action.
  • Percussive, deep end funk-bass. Aka “poor man’s Alembic”

PB-J4, 34″ New (2022)

  • Body: White Limba, 60ies spacing
  • Neck: Am. Hard Rock Maple/Walnut
  • Scale: 34″
  • Hardware: Fender/Gotoh
  • Electronics: Passive, Seymour Duncan antiquity II
  • Color: Shell Pink, relic
  • Weight: 4,1 KG
  • Great dry thick open 60ies tone, percussive
  • 12″ radius