About me

From the time I started playing bass (1980) it is told that I said I would build my own bass one day. I tinkered at least as much at it as I played it, so it’s no surprise. After having customised, restored and worn off many basses my very own hand built bass guitar was born. An (obviously) fretless 4-string jazz bass. This resulted in my first orders and in 1996, Boekholt bass-and guitar building started as an official company. There were plenty of customers, many bass and guitar players already had me change/customise or adjust their instruments. In the town of Aalten I rented a workshop and equipped it to really take things seriously. At the same time the repairs and customising jobs really take flight. More and more guitar players and bass players find their way to my workshop. Nowadays Boekholt bass- and guitar building has moved to Winterswijk. We’re now situated at Haitsma Mulierweg 16 in a former carpentry workshop (1910).



I mainly build electric basses and some electric guitars. My starting point is that an electric bass or guitar is really an acoustic instrument. True, it sounds a little soft, but you can amplify it. The instrument must sound good un-amplified and it has to have character, has to live up to the character I want to put into it, which in turn comes from the wishes of my customer. Therefore I have a number of conversations with him before I start building the instrument. I somewhat have to know the future owner in order to translate his wishes onto the instrument.
For the neck I only use first class maple (for example Canadian hard-rock maple) to ensure strength and stability. The fretboards are mostly maple, rosewood or ebony. For the body I choose a type of wood, or a combination of various types of wood that will determine the character of the instrument. This is really a very versatile technique. It is imperative to use only well selected wood. You just can’t simply make a good bass body from any random piece of maple or whatever. Pick-ups and hardware can certainly add something, but that which is not good in the base will not get better with the best pick-ups. Here too, of course only the best components will be used.



All common repairs are done by myself. I take acoustic and electric guitars and (upright) basses. From broken off heads to electronic repairs in the deepest core of an instrument. Or just a regular good tuning.
For many instruments that have been played on for a number of years this is often is very necessary.


You name it. Ranging from new frets to adjusting a right hand instrument into a left hand instrument. Or adding different pick-ups with new wiring.

To really get a clear picture of what the customer exactly wants I take my time to talk things through properly. I want to be able to think with the customer in order to help him as best I can.

Prices 2020/2021

Dit is een prijslijst van de meest voorkomende reparaties.
Voor veel andere, specifiekere reparaties, moet het werk eerst bekeken worden om een prijs af te spreken.
Uiteraard is dit geheel vrijblijvend. Bel gerust voor meer informatie of voor het maken van een afspraak.

Gitaren en basgitaren ac/el:
Afstellen € 35,00
Afstellen met tremolo € 47,00
Afstellen met Floyd Rose systeem € 60,00
Nieuwe topkam maken, incl materiaal € 55,00
Frets vlakken, ronden polijsten € 90,00
Herfretten rosewood toets incl fretdraad € 235,00
Toeslag binding (over binding gefret) € 50,00
Toeslag toets vlakken € 60,00
Herfretten maple toets incl fretdraad € 250,00
Toeslag binding (over binding gefret) € 50,00
Toeslag toets vlakken € 60,00
Toeslag toets lakken € 75,00
Fretloos maken, sleufjes worden ingelegd met fineer, toets wordt gevlakt en gepolijst, excl ev lakken € 265,00
Afstellen € 40,00
Vervangen topkam € 100,00
Vervangen kam, excl materiaal € 125,00
Stapel zetten € 25,00
Toets vlakken, excl eventueel lakken € 165,00

Een nieuwe PB basgitaar kan je al laten bouwen vanaf € 2.420,00.

De hierboven genoemde prijzen zijn inclusief 21% BTW.


For more information, or if you would like to make an appointment. Feel free to contact me!
Haitsma Mulierweg 18, Winterswijk