I mainly build electric basses and some electric guitars. My starting point is that an electric bass or guitar is really an acoustic instrument. True, it sounds a little soft, but you can amplify it. The instrument must sound good un-amplified and it has to have character, has to live up to the character I want to put into it, which in turn comes from the wishes of my customer. Therefore I have a number of conversations with him before I start building the instrument. I somewhat have to know the future owner in order to translate his wishes onto the instrument.
For the neck I only use first class maple (for example Canadian hard-rock maple) to ensure strength and stability. The fretboards are mostly maple, rosewood or ebony. For the body I choose a type of wood, or a combination of various types of wood that will determine the character of the instrument. This is really a very versatile technique. It is imperative to use only well selected wood. You just can’t simply make a good bass body from any random piece of maple or whatever. Pick-ups and hardware can certainly add something, but that which is not good in the base will not get better with the best pick-ups. Here too, of course only the best components will be used.



All common repairs are done by myself. I take acoustic and electric guitars and (upright) basses. From broken off heads to electronic repairs in the deepest core of an instrument. Or just a regular good tuning.
For many instruments that have been played on for a number of years this is often is very necessary.


You name it. Ranging from new frets to adjusting a right hand instrument into a left hand instrument. Or adding different pick-ups with new wiring.

To really get a clear picture of what the customer exactly wants I take my time to talk things through properly. I want to be able to think with the customer in order to help him as best I can.

Prices 2024/2025

These are the prices for most common repairs.

Gitaren en basgitaren ac/el:
Adjustment € 48,00
Adjustment with tremolo € 55,00
Adjustment with Floyd Rose system € 70,00
Making a new nut, incl. material € 69,00
Leveling frets, rounding, polishing and adjusting € 135,00
Refretting with rosewood fingerboard incl. fretwire and adjustment € 295,00
Extra with binding (fretting over the binding ) € 60,00
Extra levelling the fretboard € 105,00
Refretting with maple fingerboard incl. fretwire and adjustment € 295,00
Extra with binding (fretting over the binding ) € 60,00
Extra levelling the fretboard € 105,00
Extra spraying the fingerboard € 95,00
Making fretless, veneer inlays levelled and polished, no lacquer € 325,00


Prices include 21% VAT


For more information, or if you would like to make an appointment. Feel free to contact me!
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